Monday, April 29, 2013

The drain on Sri Lanka's intellectual capital... will it ever come home?

Fact: Sri Lanka produces some first-class intellectuals and skilled professionals across a broad range of specialisms both on the island and abroad

Similar to other developing countries, some Sri Lankans have the opportunity for higher study and/or professional work abroad in order to grow and enhance their knowledge and experience. However, increasingly fewer and fewer return to the island, choosing to seek permanent residency and later, citizenship of a foreign country. Usually, the USA, UK and Australia. Furthermore, there are Sri Lankans who are educated within the free education system who gain their qualifications and then choose to move abroad. This undoubtedly has lead to what can be termed as a "brain-drain" (or human capital flight) in Sri Lanka that continues to grow. What began in small numbers since Sri Lankan Independence has gained further momentum in recent times, increasing at a higher proportionate rate than before.

Brain-drain or human capital flight is common across developing countries. Major pull factors for those leaving the country include: better job opportunities, higher compensation, living conditions, stability and security. Major push factors include, but are not limited to, lack of educational opportunities, corruption, social inequality, poor living conditions, racial disturbance and uncertain political situation...

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