Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fifty Shades of Thievery: A sign of the times for everyday Sri Lanka?

I seem to be a collector of stories. Some stories happen to be funny, while others are interesting or topical, and then there are some which make you wish for things to be other than what they are. This post is filled with the latter kind.

A perpetual theme that has caught my interest has been around everyday thievery (and dishonesty) in Sri Lanka (i.e  taking what isn't yours or hasn't been given to you freely), hence the title for this post "Fifty Shades of Thievery". The stories I'm about to share are not what you would normally read about in the newspaper or hear about on the news. Neither are they about politicians or government bureaucrats, local authorities or multinational companies.

These stories are about everyday small business or shop owners. People who live in your community and try to make ends meet, grow a small business and contribute to society. And people you might deal with in daily life.

Unfortunately, the subject matter leaves much to be desired but will certainly present an illuminating view of what seems to be an emerging tendency or behavior in Sri Lanka. What may have seemed like small occurrences in the past are now beginning to add up. Alarmingly, these instances fester and gnaw from the edges moving to the center to become the norm within everyday Sri Lankan society...

** Please note, the full blog post has been removed as parts of the blog content will be edited for inclusion in an upcoming publication by the author. More information will be made available on the Adventures in a Tuk-Tuk Blog in due course **

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