Monday, September 9, 2013

Travel Monday: A stroll around Galle Fort

I enjoy weekends where I get to hang out with a friend and catch up on life, love and everything else. You know the sort where you really get to spend time together, walk, talk, browse, joke, laugh, eat, drink, relax and unwind. Connecting with our friends at this level is quite a challenge when you consider everyone's fast-paced lifestyle, especially living in a capital city. 

Often, I find it more than a challenge to coordinate diaries with friends so we can find time to enjoy a day out or a weekend together. Something always comes up or is scheduled. In Sri Lanka, this often includes weddings, birthdays, death anniversaries, alms-giving, children's tuition, sports meets, work, parents and more rolleyes

When we do eventually connect though... it's really lovely. Most of the time I catch up with friends around Colombo as it's convenient, however, if given the chance we sometimes venture out a little further for a day trip.

One of the places I love to visit for a day trip is Galle as it's relaxing, you can wander around Galle Fort and there are plenty of options for eating and drinking. It's also an easy one hour+ journey from Colombo if you take the Southern Expressway, which opened in November 2011. The Southern Expressway runs from Kottawa to Pinnaduwa (Galle) and is approximately 96km. There are plans to expand this.

For this Travel Monday, I thought I'd share with you some images around Galle Fort to give you a feel or impression of the place. Local and international tourists flock to this area to stroll, shop, stay, explore, eat and relax.

It's a good idea to bring along your camera as there is plenty to capture, as in architecture, graffiti, scenery, people and whatever catches your eye. I like capturing shots in black and white, sepia or in full color. It all depends on the subject matter.

And naturally, there's plenty of choice when it comes to food. You can go local, foreign (plenty of choice around Galle Fort with new eateries popping up), upscale or you can bring your own and picnic under a shady tree!

Or, in my case...

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