Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tripping around the Globe ...

I have been M.I.A. or "missing in action" from this blog for a few weeks now... My sincerest apologies. It wasn't that I didn't want to blog. Actually, I was having too much fun tripping around the globe with my besties to jump on a computer! However, I will make it up to you because I have a lot on my mind and travel really does trigger a whole lot of stuff, especially when you meet people from all walks of life!

So...miss me much? Interestingly, the blog has been ticking over with traffic so I guess that's all good, right?

And, before I forget...

Heartfelt thanks for all the blog love. 

I have received so many emails, tweets, facebook messages, shout-outs, questions, dialogue, gifts and some really "out-there" responses. It's all good in my books!!! I appreciate the various ways we've connected.

There is a teensy weensy backlog on email questions to attend to. I'm getting to these right away so watch out for an email shortly if you're waiting on something back from me...
If you're wondering... I am still tripping around the Globe having a whale of a time. There is some homesickness for Sri Lanka, but I feel like I bring a part of my adopted home with me when I go from place to place. And distance certainly makes the heart grow fonder (as they say).  Plus, I will land back on my favorite tropical island very soon!!! 

One of the things that has been illuminating has been various conversations with people about Sri Lanka while I've been travelling. It's that whole standard spiel that starts with:

Mr/Ms X: Where are you from? 
Me: London, England - but I don't live there.
Mr/Ms X: Oh right, so where do you live?
Me: Sri Lanka 

Depending on who I'm conversing with, their are the responses vary quite a bit. Aussies tend to know where Sri Lanka is. So do Germans, French and the main European nations. As do most of the poms, which you'd kind of expect. What I've found quite funny has been the American response, which had mainly been... "Where? Where's that you say?". Eventually, after a bit of a geography lesson, they end up thinking I'm referring to India (*chuckle*). Close, but no candy bar for you! I think they must focus on primarily North America in their geography classes in school.

My current answer is to tell Americans I live in the South Asian version of Hawaii. It seems to work a treat, like they totally get where I'm coming from. Though... I'm not entirely sure they do. Hey ho. I can just imagine the uproar in Sri Lanka if my statement was mis-interpreted as India's Hawaii. Ouch! Nope, I definitely don't mean it like that!!! 

The other thing that has been interesting for me has been the lack of news about Sri Lanka in most of the countries I've visited. I guess it's not that surprising when you consider the size and population of Sri Lanka. But, if you live and breathe it everyday, you kind of feel weird not hearing much about the place or people where you reside. But then again, most countries suffer from an inherent navel gazing mentality and sometimes are very closed off.

Anyhoo,  I have definitely gotten over this lack of information thing now, and am making the most of this little respite while I can. No doubt, I'll be full bottle when I'm back in Sri Lanka, and twitter keeps me abreast of most current issues.

Can I tell you what I'm missing right now...??? Tropical fruit, like papayas, mangoes, bananas, pineapples... Oh man, we are totally spoilt in Sri Lanka with our abundance of tropical fruit. And the prices overseas are outrageous, almost daylight robbery. Not to mention the quality, or lack thereof I've seen at some of the markets. You know I'll be hitting the fruit stalls or pola when I get back home to Sri Lanka wink

Time to sign off... for now!

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