Thursday, June 12, 2014

Glimpsing Nature

Eva Stone photo, Knuckles, Mountain Range, Sri Lanka
June is proving to be a month of dramatic changes in the weather. Was it only a couple of months ago where I was reading and voicing concerns about the drought conditions across the island? I guess I should have fallen back on the local belief of heavy rains (or floods in some cases) expected 45 days after the Sri Lankan New Year. And, the rains have certainly come! 

I've been enjoying more of nature this month. The rain has brought much needed nourishment and the flora and fauna in my area have seemed to bloom. My schedule has continued to be quite hectic, so I haven't been able to visit any of my favorite national parks. Instead, I've been making the most of what's been nearby. 

I usually post some of my favorite snaps to the blog's facebook page. For this post, I thought I'd share a selection of my nature shots (i.e. flora, fauna and landscape) taken over the last month. Vibrant hues seem to capture my attention. And I'm still learning about the different kinds of flowers, birds etc. that are native to this region. All of the snaps below have all been taken around the hill country.

Eva Stone photo, butterfly, nature, Sri Lanka

Eva Stone photo, red, orange, flowers, nature, Sri Lanka

Eva Stone photo, pink, flowers, nature, Sri Lanka

Eva Stone photo, yellow, flowers, nature, Sri Lanka

One morning I was taking a walk and happened upon a family of monkeys. They do make excellent tightrope walkers!

Eva Stone photo, monkeys, nature, Sri Lanka

Eva Stone photo, monkeys, tightrope, nature, Sri Lanka

I admit to an ongoing love affair with Sri Lankan water lilies. Words cannot begin to describe these fuchshia beauties. I spent quite a bit of time sitting and enjoying them with the early morning sun.

Eva Stone photo, pink, water lilies, pond, nature, Sri Lanka

The first time I saw a passion flower was at the Diyatha Uyana Market at Waters Edge in Battaramulla when I was hunting for plants for my garden in Colombo. It's such an unusual flower and grows from the vine species of passionfruit. 

Eva Stone photo, passion flower, nature, Sri Lanka

The white-breasted kingfisher or pilihuduwa is one of my favorite birds. I see them quite often across the island, though it still surprises when I happen to catch one at the beach or if one joins me for a dip at the swimming pool!

Eva Stone photo, white-breasted kingfisher, pillihuduwa, birds, nature, Sri Lanka

Eva Stone photo, flowers, nature, Sri Lanka

I think one of the sweetest sounds you can hear in the morning is the black-hooded oriole or kaha kurulla. I usually have a regular visitor to my home in Colombo most mornings. I heard this little one, before I actually caught sight of it.

Eva Stone photo, black-hooded oriole, birds, kaha hurulla, nature, Sri Lanka

Eva Stone photo, red, flower, nature, Sri Lanka

These grey hornbills appeared thoroughly at home in a guava tree.They are called alu kadatta in sinhala but don't have a very good reputation with locals when it comes to stealing the seeds or fruit from their fruit trees. Figs, guava and cocoa are favorites apparently, though they do prey on small animals like frogs, lizards, rats and insects. I was lucky to catch a pair sharing food, as well as perching all around the guava tree.

Eva Stone photo, grey hornbill, birds, alu kadatta, nature, Sri Lanka

Eva Stone photo, grey hornbill, birds, alu kadatta, nature, Sri Lanka

Eva Stone photo, grey hornbill, birds, alu kadatta, nature, Sri Lanka

Eva Stone photo, white, flowers, nature, Sri Lanka

Eva Stone photo, white, yellow, flowers, nature, Sri Lanka

Early one morning...

Eva Stone photo, sunset, mountains, nature, Sri Lanka

And finally, I spied this squirrel travelling up and down the wires and managing acrobatic feats that made my eyes boggle. This was one of the snaps I managed to capture.

Eva Stone photo, acrobat, squirrel, nature, Sri Lanka


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting!

Lucie said...

Absolutely wonderful pictures!! Oh you can even see the baby monkey holding onto her mommy while she walks on the cable. How does she do that?! :D
Flowers and birds are stunning!
What a joy for the eyes!

Thank you!

Eva Stone said...

Yes! The monkey with her baby was pretty incredible. They are pretty agile on the poles, wires and just about anywhere! Luckily I had my DSLR camera on me that day, so the pic turned out well.
It's all nature really... Simply stunning all on its own 😉

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