Sunday, September 7, 2014

An expat in Sri Lanka: the Good, Bad and Ugly - Part 11

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There's no better way to start off this installment of "An expat in Sri Lanka" than to tell you about my new found alternative remedy PEENAS OIL. Now, now readers and friends... before you freak out on me, it's not what you think. Get your mind out of the gutter people! Though, got to say, funny name! If you take a closer look at the label, there's no end to the laughs... what were they thinking?!

Since living part of the time in a slightly cooler climate up in the hill country, my sinuses have unfortunately gone completely haywire. Usually, in Colombo, I've had difficulty (in a different way) with allergies, due to the dust and traffic related air pollution. Fantastic eh?

Rather than load myself up with pills I decided to try ayurvedic treatment. I was recommended Peenas oil, which is used to treat any kind of catarrh. All you need to do is pour a tablespoon into the palm of your hand then rub it into the crown of your head and leave it for an hour or so. So far its worked a treat. The only down side has been having oil in my hair, which has been a pain to have to wash out, especially long hair like mine.

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I saw this article titled "Overseas buyers dominate apartment sales in Colombo, Sri Lanka" which reports that
"As prices of prime apartments rise in Colombo, locals have been priced out of the sector, which is dominated by foreign investors, non-residents and wealthy locals".

You'd have to be living under a rock to not notice the rapid rise of a number of apartment buildings around Colombo with more expansion to come. To me, this mirrors similar developments that happened in other major cities around the world.

I never did get the craze for living in an apartment in the city... and believe me, I've lived in a quite a few prior to coming to Sri Lanka! And hence why I don't live in an apartment in Sri Lanka...

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Kanishka said...

Did you notice that most Sri Lankan public spaces lack public urinals or any kind of facility to relieve one's self. That's why 'men folk' take aim at anything that they please. I really 'feel' for ladies, literally.

Eva Stone said...

Very good observation! Yes, I did notice that (particularly urban public spaces), and yes, something needs to be done by local councils as a public service so there are toilet facilities available to everyone.

Anonymous said...

In tropical countries people drink a lot of water. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm... the label indicates that the Peenas oil is probably not for ladies ;-) Are you sure that Peenas oil is used to treat catarrh ?

Eva Stone said...

Possibly true given the humidity and heat, but still not a good excuse! Lol ;)

Eva Stone said...

Too funny. Yep, I'm sure! And thanks for the concern :)

Molly said...

HI Eva
Am finding your blog useful as am about to go to Colombo for a year. Not really related to peenas oil, but mentioning oil on hair triggered the question: are ceramic hair straighteners inexpensive in Colombo or should I bring my own? (My hair frizzes out at right angles to my head in the humidity).

Eva Stone said...

Hi Molly, definitely bring your own especially if it is a must-have item for your personal ease. It may not be easy to get a good set over here or choice is limited. They do sell them but not sure if ceramic and they also tax electrical items and I'm not sure if they cost a lot more than what yours may have cost. Retail outlets like Singer or Abans would be your best bet to buy here. You could check their websites but not all items are usually listed.

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