Monday, October 24, 2016

Travel Monday: Visiting Sri Dedimunda Devalaya on Kemmura Wednesday - Aluth Nuwara

Dedimunda Devalaya, Aluth Nuwara, puja, offerings, maluwaThere's something wonderful about letting someone else take you on an adventure. I particularly love when my local friends invite me on a day trip or a drive without really telling me what's on the agenda. Naturally, there's trust as well as a sense of excitement at not knowing where or what we're doing. Plus, after keeping to schedules most of the week, there's a lovely respite when you allow someone else to take over. Usually I find myself enjoying the experience as it will be something or someplace I may not have planned or visited on my own, and I usually learn something of interest.

Just last week I tagged along on a mid-week adventure with some good friends who are based in Kandy. They are a lovely group of friends with an adventurous spirit, who have some of the nicest manners I've ever come across. Whenever I've been in a spot of bother, they have reached out to help me out (especially when I was testing out Kandy as another base) or they have gone out of their way to welcome me into their fold by including me in events and gatherings.

Last Wednesday morning, I found myself buckled in and tucked up nice and snug into a car with my motley crew of friends. No major details were provided other than that it would be a good to dress conservatively in light colors (with white being preferable). The drive was immensely enjoyable. There may have been some car seat grooving and singing along to radio tunes in between the easy banter among friends.