Friday, November 18, 2016

Expat News, Articles of Interest and Diary Events #2

This is the round up for the first part of November 2016. The main event seems to have been the release of the Sri Lankan Government's Budget 2017. I published a blog post about a week ago titled "Sri Lanka Budget 2017 - some highlights for Foreign Investors, Expats and Visitors" to sum up the big-ticket changes and implications. Other than the release of the budget, it's been a funny few weeks. The weather is very mixed and it feels like we're experiencing the late monsoon or rains. It's definitely a welcome change after the terrible drought conditions but you can't help but worry a little that it could turn to floods, which is something we really don't wish to contend with.

In Colombo this week each day is like an experience in two halves. The first half is sunny and tropical, and then it hits 2pm the sky turns grey (a bit like London in the winter) and the the rain and thunderstorms begin. Somehow the unpredictable and extreme weather in recent years is becoming the norm, and that makes me incredibly nervous. It has a significant impact on our agriculture, power generation and much more.

It's a strong and steady march to the end of 2016. There's plenty on the social calendar. I've also added some worthwhile local initiatives in a new section called "Opportunites for Generosity" if you're looking for somewhere to donate some money.  Happy round-up! Read on...

1st Half November Round Up - What's been in the news?

Expat Articles

Sri Lanka Articles

Opportunities for Generosity

  • New Life Elephant Sanctuary is a new initiative that is looking to establish an elephant sanctuary in the North Western Province for Sri Lanka's captive elephants. It intends to "be a place of healing and transformation for captive elephants. It will also help protect wild elephants by supporting their conservation, and will provide hands-on learning, discovery and training to veterinarians, volunteers, school children, villagers and mahouts." The SLWCS  is a non-profit, 501c3 tax-exempt organization based in the United States, and a fully registered voluntary social service non-governmental organization with the Ministry of Social Welfare in Sri Lanka and the Central Environmental Authority of Sri Lanka. See website and Facebook page for details.

  • Trail SL is a walk to unite, heal both Sri Lanka and cancer. It's aim is to raise $5million to build a cancer hospital in Karapitya.The Trail walk covered 670 km along the length of the island that commenced on 6 October 2016 and completed on 2 November 2016. You can still donate to help reach the target. See website and Facebook page for details.

For Your Diary

November 2016

16-21 November - George Key Foundation "Sri Lankan Art" Exhibition, J.D.A Perera Galleries, Colombo (see article for details)
16-23 November - *FREE EVENT* ABSTRACT, Art Exhibition 2016, Russian Cultural Centre, Colombo
18 November - *FREE EVENT* "The Women's Entrepreneurship Day - Above All Else", Mount Lavinia Hotel, Colombo (see Facebook event or website for details)
18 November - *FREE EVENT* "FILM: One day in Europe", Goethe Hall, Colombo (see event)
18 November - 4 December - "A Parallel Possibility " An exhibition of paintings by Alex Stewart, Barefoot Gallery, Colombo (see website for details)
*19 November - *FREE EVENT* "FILM: The New World (2005)", American Center Auditorium, Colombo (see website for details)
23 November 
24-27 November - "Tales from Rajasthan", Colombo (see Facebook event for details)
25 November - Rockestra, Vihara Maha Devi Park, Colombo (see Facebook for details and for tickets
25 November - *FREE EVENT* "EWC: An Evening of Poetry and Music", English Writers Cooperative of Sri Lanka, Indian Cultural Centre, Colombo (See article for details)
25-27 November - "Art Exhibition: Siththaru Andi Ru 04", Lionel Wendt Gallery, Colombo (see article for details)
*26 November - *FREE EVENT* "FILM: Inception (2010)", American Center Auditorium, Colombo (see website for details)
26 November - Storytime: "No Room for a Baby Roo" (for 4-8yos) , British Council Library, Colombo (see website for ticket details)
27 November - *FREE EVENT* "The Good Dinosaur” Movie Screening", British Council, Colombo (see website for ticket details)
27 November - Colombo Hippie Market, BMICH, Colombo (see Facebook event for details)
27 November - *FREE EVENT* Letter Earthlings, Cafe Kumbuk, Colombo (see Facebook event or website for details)
27 November - *FREE EVENT* "Dear Children, Sincerely", University of Visual & Performing Arts (see Facebook event for details)
27 November - An Evening with Engelbert Humperdinck, SLECC, Colombo (for tickets)

* every Saturday there are also screenings of kids movies at 10am (see website for details)

December 2016

2-20 December - Colombo Art Biennale 2016 - "Conceiving Space", (see website and Facebook for details)
3 December - *FREE EVENT* "Christmas Craft Workshops for Kids", British Council (see website for ticket details)
4 December - CMSC: Holiday Season Concert 2016, Lionel Wendt Theatre, Colombo (for tickets)
4 December - Colombo Design Market, Colombo Public Library Lawn, Colombo (see website and Facebook for details)
9-11 December - *FREE EVENT* Agenda 14: Short Film Festival, (see website and event for details)
15 December - Melt Trio (German Jazz band), Barefoot Cafe, Colombo ( see Goethe event for details)
17-18 December - International Tattoo Festival, BMICH, Colombo (see Facebook event for details)
20-23 December - *FREE EVENT* Tourism Fest 2016, Independence Arcade, Colombo

January 2017

11-15 January -  Fairway Galle Literary Festival, Galle Fort, Galle (see website and Facebook for details)

*** Please be advised to check all the details for the above events with the organizers or hosts via their websites, social media or directly, as they may be subject to change. Apologies in advance for any errors in my transposing of the dates and details ***

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