It's peculiar what different people find interesting...

Random thoughts, topics, and the odd insight literally pop into my head at the oddest moments - from driving off the beaten track to waiting in line at the supermarket checkout to sitting atop an elephant! Wherever I am at that moment, you'll literally find me scrambling to put "pen to paper", or in this case, "fingers to keyboard, eyes to screen"! Not often possible if I'm not near a computer nor an electronic device.

As such, I can confirm I have a "hotbed" of blog posts coming your way...

Blogs to Date

As you've probably noticed from my little collection of blog posts I have a keen interest in:
  • exploring the island - hence my travel write-ups and photography
  • sharing my musings on expat life in Sri Lanka - warts and all stories and commentary
  • mixing things up with some writing on provocative themes whirling around the island - well, yes, so far it's been sex, corruption and there is certainly more on its way!



In the Pipeline

A few snippets on what you have to look forward to (not exhaustive) in no set order:
  • Sri Lanka as a viable retirement option(ongoing)
  • Advice from a village mother
  • Meditation and retreats in Sri Lanka
  •  travel - many more adventures to come


By the way, if you would like me to consider a specific topic or theme to blog about from an expat's perspective, please feel free to send me an email.

Happy reading!

Last updated 5 November 2016

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Rita W-W said...

Hi Eva,
I've only recently came across your blog and I find it very informative, amusing, interesting and more-ish :-)
I know it might be a challenge but can you give me information on what it is like to be there with kids under 6? Maybe you know expats with kids? Anything about nurseries, nannys, international schools, playgrounds?, to dos with kids etc., I would be interested in. Can one go for walks with a baby there? Possible to push a buggy around or is it just too hot to be out much with a baby? I currently live in another developing country where these things are a challenge if not impossible.
I look forward to hear from you.

Eva Stone said...

I think it's a good topic for a blog post Rita as there are many young families moving to Sri Lanka for a stint. I'll have to pull something together, so watch this space ;-)
In the meantime, to answer your immediate question about walking spaces with a buggy. the answer is a yes for Colombo. There are a number of very nice ones that are neat, scenic and accessible around Colombo - http://www.timeout.com/sri-lanka/things-to-do/walking-tracks-in-colombo? I've tried all but one on this list. Best time is after sunrise or around sunset if you don't want to be cooked alive!

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