This is a list of local websites I have found useful:

Events, Movies, Tickets

EAP Films and Theatres - Useful for booking movie tickets

TicketsLK - Useful for booking movie tickets - Cool for latest events, deals and tickets

Sri Lanka Cricket - Good updates on team, fixtures and tickets

Sri Lanka Tourism - Useful for calendar of events organised by SL Tourism

Guides, Listing and Reviews

Colombo Living Guide - Useful directory for Colombo

YAMU - Good website for selected local restaurants, shops, hotels with reviews

Business and News Stuff

Lanka Business Online - Informative business news

Colombo Stock Exchange - Stock updates and other market news

Central Bank of Sri Lanka - Latest on currencies, interest rates etc.

PresInform - Info from President's Office

Government of Sri Lanka - Official web portal for Sri Lankan government. Useful information such as Holiday Calendar and Information for Businesses, Citizen and Residents, Non-Residents.

Other Stuff - Sri Lanka bus route maps and information

Bandaranaike Airport Arrivals - Useful when picking up friends from the airport!

Department of Motor Traffic - Important for all motor vehicle related, particularly vehicle registrations,  driving licence, vehicle emission testing etc.

Sri Lanka Inland Revenue - Latest news and information on taxes in Sri Lanka

Department of Immigration and Emigration - Important for visas, passports and citizenship issues and applications

Sri Lanka ETA System - Online portal to apply for tourist visa to Sri Lanka


Stefan L said...

Hello! I read with interest your blog!
We are a couple from Finland. We have an idea to move out from Europe.
We are looking for a nice place around the world, but it has not yet been received.
We would like to set up a small guest house (2-4 rooms). I have a question for you.
How easy it is to find one in Sri Lanka? Are there any for rent? Is it difficult for foreigners to start a small busines?

Stefan and Milla

Eva Stone said...

I know many foreigners who have and/or are looking to set up a BnB or guesthouse somewhere in Sri Lanka. Some have done it with some success. I'm not an expert in this area so I would suggest you take a look at and for more information. If you've never visited Sri Lanka, I would strongly suggest you pay a visit before launching in. You'll quickly take in the challenges and opportunities of operating a business over here. Plus, it's all about location, location, location when it comes to guesthouses and tourist friendly establishments, and the island is quite diverse. It's not difficult for foreigners to start a small business, but there is definitely much to learn on all fronts, as well as challenges amidst the opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eva, I´m going to Sri Lanka on 30th September for 15 days. Also in December.
I love Sri Lanka and want to move there with my son.
I have few doubts and I would like to talk with you. Can I have your contact then we can talk with a local number. My email Thank you, Isabel

Jeff Wicks said...

Hi Eva,
I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on more Brits/Europeans retiring to SL in light of the spiraling elderly care costs in Europe should there be a compelling no compromise alternative. You can contact me via my company website -

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