Monday, July 27, 2015

Adventures in a Tuk-Tuk Blog's Social Media Pages

I thought I'd mention and provide links to Adventures in a Tuk-Tuk Blog's social media pages, just in case you haven't come across them yet. There are social media icons that are linked on the blog's website in the top right-hand corner under "Stalk Me", but sometimes they can be missed.

The blog's Facebook page is regularly updated... probably more often than even the blog. I usually post links to articles that I find useful or relevant, particularly on expat life, news, topical issues and travels around Sri Lanka; pictures that I've taken that I want to share and anything else that might be post-worthy. CLICK HERE to go to the blog's Facebook page.

The blog's Twitter page is also available. It's mainly for blog related postings and retweets of useful or interesting information related to Sri Lanka, travel, expat and topical issues. CLICK HERE to go to the blog's Twitter page.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Travel Monday: Revisiting Wilpattu National Park - Beauty, Nature and Controversy

If you've been following this blog and my travels, then you will have noticed my profound passion for the national parks across Sri Lanka. I visit regularly, also taking advantage of any opportunity to tag along with visiting family and friends wishing to see something nature-based and adventurous. Just last week, I had the good fortune to accompany my visiting mother and relatives to the oldest and largest national park in Sri Lanka - Wilpattu National Park in the north-west coastal lowland dry zone of the island. And it was delightful to witness my mother enthusing about the jeep safari experience. It's only her second experience on safari and she even managed to spot the back of a female leopard, much to our surprise, and various other wildlife.

I visited Wilpattu for the first time back in 2013 and wrote a short blog post "Jeep Safari of Wilpattu National Park" posting a few of my favorite photos from that visit. Admittedly, I've only spent 12-15 hours in total within the wildlife park. It is definitely not much at all considering the park is 1,317 km² in size, is abundant in amazing inhabitants and incredible landscape. You'll need to spend more time in the park to see all the wildlife and capture those priceless photographs. It is down to luck at times as the park rangers will tell you. One ranger joked with me saying "This is not a zoo where we enclose the animals or chain them up for viewing... if you're lucky you'll see them, otherwise, come back another day!" And, you know what? He's right about that.