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Essential reading for anyone interested in Sri Lanka or keen to seek out adventures across the tropical teardrop island.

In 2008 Eva Stone moved from the UK to Sri Lanka in the midst of the civil war. All of her family and friends thought she had gone mad and was walking straight into trouble, while Eva thought she'd be blissed out in paradise. The truth lies somewhere between the two. She ran her popular blog, titled “Adventures in a Tuk-Tuk”, offering advice and stories from everyday life, as well as her travels around the island. 

More than a decade on, Eva has found her second, or maybe even third, wind living on the teardrop island. It hasn't been without its challenges, but Eva's mindset is attuned to staying open-minded, adventurous, being okay with making mistakes and building resilience.

Considering travelling, working, or retiring in Sri Lanka? 

Sudhu Nona is a fascinating journey through the urban humdrum, tropical wilderness and cultural traditions of Sri Lanka. Through a series of entertaining anecdotes and informative stories, the book explores the idea of embracing unfamiliar cultures, learning new things and connecting to the island and its people at a deeper level. 

It provides valuable insight to those considering Sri Lanka for travel, work, sea-change or retirement. The reader gets a real picture of what it's like to experience Sri Lanka from an foreigner's perspective - warts and all. From fellow expats, corrupt cops, local healers, colourful locals, dodgy politicians, and even a few encounters with local shamans, Sudhu Nona provides a glimpse of the good, bad and ugly of life in Sri Lanka. It is also the perfect primer for anyone interested in pursuing a sustainable lifestyle in a foreign country.

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The book has emerged from some of the material that was previously published on this blog, as well as new material that has never been released. 

The title for this book, Sudhu Nona, literally translates as white lady. This is the name I’ve been called for over a decade in Sri Lanka, and it seemed appropriate as the title of this collection of stories and anecdotes about life as an expat on the teardrop island.

The e-book version is currently available across multiple platforms:

**The paperback version is NOW available for purchase on multiple Amazon marketplaces, including the US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, JP. I'm also working towards getting it published and distributed locally in Sri Lanka, so watch this space. 

I have been asked by a number of readers whether an audiobook version will be made available. The answer is YES, but it may take a little longer to get it to release.

in advance of any purchase**

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There are also other publications planned for later this year. More information will be revealed in due course. 

As I've mentioned in my blog post on 27 December 2018, I'm working on certain aspects of my life here in Sri Lanka - the most important at the moment being balance and harmony. So, as much as I might have a plan about these things I'd like to release into the world, it's also still very important that I don't lose sight of maintaining some sort of balance and harmony in 2019.

I guess we'll have to see how it all unfolds... 

In the meantime, enjoy Sudhu Nona! I hope you find something useful with regards to moving, travelling, or retiring in Sri Lanka, or something in the stories that resonates on a deeper level.


Unknown said...

We have been following Eva and her amazing BLOG for a long time. We never met Eva, we know Eva via reading her BLOG, NO doubt this book HAS to be worth the weight in GOLD. We have not read the eBook yet, just downloaded. Eva, you WILL become a world renown author very soon. We paid $150 USD as a down payment for your book. That’s our starting price and never know what we will pay after reading.

Eva Stone said...

Thanks unknown, for your comment and support of the blog and my recently published book. I am truly humbled by your generosity and pleased to know that what I have freely given on through the blog over the past five to six years has been helpful to people. Hopefully the book will also be the same.
I hope all your wishes are realised.